grizzly moon coffee roasters

handcrafted. small-batch. responsibly sourced.


our story

we started roasting our own coffee years ago...

and once we tasted the intense flavors that came from freshly roasted beans, we knew we could never go back to store-bought or chain brand coffee. using a small-batch roaster, we are able to create the freshest and most invigorating coffee every day. 

grizzly moon coffee roasting was born in 2014 way down south in a log cabin in hattiesburg, mississippi. we were sipping on some freshly home roasted coffee, probably while eating donuts, when it occurred to us that we'd love to share this awesome experience with others.

we began selling at local farmers markets in the southern mississippi area, where we met a ton of awesome and supportive folks. soon, we were ready to take our business online and reach even more you! 

the two of us are now back in our hometown of columbus, ohio, continuing to offer our coffee to those local and far. we don't have a shop, but there will soon be a few different places in the columbus area to get your grizzly fix. until then, you can check out what we're currently roasting here, and purchase coffee directly from us here

we believe that coffee is an experience that should be enjoyed and savored. improve your coffee experience with grizzly moon. 


because we love convenience (i.e. not changing out of pajamas) almost as much as we love coffee, grizzly moon specializes in monthly subscriptions. customers can sign up for one of our grizzly boxes and receive handcrafted roasts on their doorstep each month.

online orders

grizzly moon offers a variety of 10 oz. bags of whole bean or ground coffee sold online. we are constantly trying new kinds of beans and roasting styles, so you will always find something unique on our roasts page!


we can also provide your restaurant, bar, market or business with our fresh roasts. whether you are looking for unique single origins or your own signature blend, grizzly moon enables you to give your customers or employees locally handcrafted and responsibly sourced coffee. contact us to receive a sample or learn about our wholesale prices.


monthly subscriptions

sign up for a grizzly box and receive fresh coffee on your doorstep every month. 

with one of our monthly grizzly box subscriptions, you don't have to buy an expensive cup of coffee from a shop or purchase a stale bag of coffee from the grocery store. we provide you with the convenience of making coffee at home that is fresh, affordable, and most importantly, delicious. 

you can cancel your subscription or update your preferences or shipping address at any time by logging into your account.

if you'd like to buy some coffee but don't want to purchase a subscription at this time, just head to our purchase page!

contact us

have questions about our subscription service? want to know more about where we get our coffee beans? need suggestions for how to make a great cup of coffee? we'd love to talk with you! just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.