we source our green coffee beans from different countries all over the world. grizzly moon coffee is responsibly sourced, meaning we use suppliers that are fair-trade certified and organic. 

using a small-batch roaster, we roast each kind of bean to its best, most flavorful temperature. the result is fresh, crisp coffee that is never boring or bitter. while we specialize in single origin coffees, we also offer blends of complementary coffee. grizzly moon can even customize a blend specially for your business or restaurant. 

we change up our roasts a few times a year, so check back every once in a while to see what we have available. head to our purchase page to buy one of our handcrafted roasts listed below.

summer 2017


smooth, medium body, brightness, & a very deep array of flavors.

Tanzania pea berry

very clean cup with balanced acidity, sweetness, and body. notes of bing cherry, ginger, and lime.


subtle spiciness, chocolate, brown sugar with hints of nuts and green apple. balanced with good acidity and body.


a bold blend of rich african acidity with full bodied chocolatey flavors of central america